jenkster is a stand up/drive up guy! Above and beyond the call!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Greg Nal, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Greg Nal

    Greg Nal AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central California
    Jenkster had not one but two great pair of speakers listed on ak. JBL L45 Flairs in flawlessly restored shape, and a pair of Klipsch CF-3 ver 1's. Both are extremely well regarded and since I was going to be in Nor Cal, I contacted him to see what we could work out. Jenkster lives in Redding, which is way, way up in Northern California. I was going to be in the SF bay area, about 4 hours northwest of my home. Jenkster agreed to meet in Sacramento-a 2-3 hour drive from his place, to make the trip easier.

    I show up in my Audi Allroad, and took one look at the size of the speakers and instantly realized I had a problem. Getting these 4 speakers into my car was going to be a trick. Jenkster was patient and helpful as we both worked up a sweat trying several times and finally succeeding to wedge the speakers into my car.

    Can't wait for a chance to get things hooked up but gotta compliment Jenkster on being a great seller and fellow audio nut. members rock. Thanks again Mark for a killer deal and for all the help.
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  2. Jenkster

    Jenkster Jim Capaldi Subscriber

    Redding, CA
    Thank you for the kind words Greg, I really appreciate it! I was happy to help out and it’s always great meeting a fellow AK’er! The logistics of getting those big speakers was interesting but we did it. It was certainly a pleasure meeting and doing business with you! Cheers

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