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    The past two weeks have just been a whirlwind at my house. But I wouldn't change a thing. I have had the pleasure of meeting many beautiful women who all have thier own story of loss, sorrow, struggles, hardships and disappointment. But who also have wonderful children who are the light of their lives and the reason that they keep on going.

    I have had the wonderful task of making phone calls to each of these families on behalf of the members of AK, whose generosity has made it possible to provide some happiness during this Holiday Season. I have shopped with these families and heard many stories and seen many tears of joy for all the things that they received.

    Each family is different and when I first meet them I tell them about the members at Audiokarma and how they make it possible for me to take them shopping. Some families just wanted toys for their kids for Christmas morning. Others may need pots and pans, plates, cups, socks, underwear, coats, boots, hats, gloves, diapers, laundry soap, dish soap, body soap, shampoo and even lice shampoo. No matter what their choices for the family I never judge anyone. I do my best to support and help them in their decision making process.

    I know that I am behind on the family stories but many days this past week have been like today. I called VOA to adopt 5 more families, received paperwork on each family and then started the long process of calling each family and setting up a time to meet them at the store and shop for them. When I left my house at 4pm I only had plans on shopping with one family, but along the way I kept making phone calls and ended up shopping with 3 families today and not getting home until 11pm.

    Some people would say that I am crazy. But I consider myself lucky. Lucky to be involved with a group like the members of AK, Lucky to be able to take these families shopping but most of all Lucky to be the one who meets all of the families and gets all the gratitude and hugs that need to be shared with every one who helped make this all possible.

    From the bottom of my heart....Thank You !!!!
    No words could ever express the joy that this experience brings to my life every year.

    Ms Grumpy

    P.S. Grumpy and I will continue to help people as long as the donations come in. Our rep at VOA will actually be sending me family info on Friday, just in case we have enough money come in and I can take them shopping. So keep the donations coming.
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    We love you too Nancy and without your tireless effort each year I don't think this could happen at all, I commend you and you big heart.

    I just won a small auction, and high bidder on another one that I will not loose...:biggrin: I'll send those funds in advance so you'll have it in the morning...

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