Just Plain Weird, Creepy, Strange, Bizarre $H\# From The Web

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by Shominy, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. shrinkboy

    shrinkboy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    i came across this same pic one time, and posted it up on FB with the line, "So, did I get the job?"


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  2. Redikilowatt

    Redikilowatt Audio Understudy Subscriber

    RTP, NC
    Learned a new Australian slang term recently . . .

  3. Shominy

    Shominy Lunatic Member

  4. Ohighway

    Ohighway Wannabe Minimalist Subscriber

  5. BruceRPA

    BruceRPA AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just when you think you have seen it all, this. What a waste. :oops:
    If It somehow manages to live long enough to grow up and become an adult, then what?

    Oh well, now back to our regularly scheduled freak show... :)

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