Just the start of my system ... 2245

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by TaddNOhio, May 16, 2018.

  1. Steelydan71

    Steelydan71 New Member

    San Antonio Tx and New Braunfels
    Greetings from Texas
    Very very nice setup.!! Be careful.. many an hour will slip by just staring at that beautiful blue glow.....welcome to AK
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  2. TaddNOhio

    TaddNOhio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Waiting for a few more things to show up ... currently working on the basement room i am turning in to my listening room ... it's not a big room but will make a nice cozy getaway for me to listen to music ... i don't want to show any pics till i am done (goal is to be done by my 50th birthday on 6/11)
    Waiting on audio cabinet and speaker stands to arrive as well as a CD player i bought online
    20180530_201040.jpg Screenshot_20180530-201711_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20180530-202337_eBay.jpg

    Doing a little work on the walls with this brick look wallpaper that i seen in a house before and looks like real brick ... (pic off internet)
    And i have several rock concert posters to hang etc ... pretty excited about this project
    Look for updates here in a couple weeks

    Still have not got a turntable yet, the gentleman named Steve from New York who sold me my EPI 100's has over 70 turntables and knew i was looking for one, he messaged me and said "i will keep you posted, i have an idea for you" .. i am waiting to hear his idea
  3. Steven Tate

    Steven Tate AK Subscriber Subscriber

    N. Richland Hills, TX
    I should probably keep my mouth shut because I’m sure I’ll get flamed, but — IMO, if you are starting from scratch, a turntable is a place where a nice mid-level consumer unit with a nice mid-level cartridge will do just fine. Spend your bucks on a nice receiver and speakers and get a Dual, Pioneer, Technics, Marantz or equivalent turntable with a decent Shure or AT cartridge (or equivalent). It will sound fantastic, and when you get your system going and get familiar with the sound, you can begin to experiment with turntables/cartridges as funds permit. To my ears, the difference in a $250 turntable and a $2500 turntable is certainly audible on the same system, but not $2250 worth.
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  4. TaddNOhio

    TaddNOhio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    LOL ... I certainly don't have $2500 to spend on a turntable, more like $250
  5. Mac4100HK930

    Mac4100HK930 I like the pretty tones!

    Toledo, WA
  6. TaddNOhio

    TaddNOhio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Everything is coming together slowly, today i received this beautiful WC-22 case made by Joe @Asaalah and WOW it is VERY nice indeed. His packaging job was insanely good and shipping was prompt via Fedex. Below are some pics
    Waiting on my audio stand to arrive, was notified a couple weeks ago it was on back order. Slowly but surely .. just have to buy a little at a time as funds allow

    20180614_122941.jpg 20180614_122955.jpg 20180614_130839.jpg 20180614_130807.jpg 20180614_130730.jpg 20180614_125347.jpg
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  7. Asaalah

    Asaalah AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hey Tad, thanks for the endorsement. I learned the hard way about shippers, USPS sucks, UPS is so-so and
    FedEx, well, they are the best. IMHO.
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  8. thxdave

    thxdave Lava Lamp repairman Subscriber

    Joe, that is SUCH beautiful work. Can't wait until I can save my pennies to get one for my 2245.

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