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Discussion in 'AK Fest 2005' started by mdl76, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. mdl76

    mdl76 New Member

    Hello, Im a newb. All I can say is that im amazed at the sound that good speakers can radiate. I only listed to 3 speakers at the show but they where awesome. A special thanks to Grumpy for the Invite and letting me demo his speakers, Audio Reproductions Hartsfield for letting me here my music and Kraftwerk on those awesome speakers, and Salk sound. I thank everyone for filling my head with some knowledge and my ears with some great sounds. I have my eyes and ear on those Salk Veracity HT1(I think thats the model). Great sounding speakers and within my budget. Agian, thank you all for taking the time to talk to me and inform me about what great equipment is.

    PS MaryLou stole my heart :banana:


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  2. Grumpy

    Grumpy Krusty old SOB! Yes, I own Audiokarma Staff Member Admin Sponsor Subscriber

    Your very welcome. Getting together to meet this wacky bunch and hearing gear you normally don't get to hear is what its all about.

    Hope ya hang out with us a while.

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