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    IMG_20190212_113610.jpg Anyone familiar with these? I normally keep away from Japanese speakers, and find the style of this one not to my taste, but the heft and solid construction (not to mention the bargain price) of these 2 ways inspired me to take a chance on them. Am playing some classical music through them now and am very happy with the results. Any other fans of these speakers? I understand that they were popular audiophile speakers in Japan during the early 1970s, but are scarce on this side of the pond. I'd never seen a set before today. About 21"x 13"x 13" and around 30 lbs.
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    Get them. You may need to refoam, but the speakers are not BOTL.
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    They show up once in a while, but yes, primarily sold in the Japanese market. Very common over there, like the KLH Six is here. Any info I've read on them is always favorable. You have a pretty nice and rare set of speakers here in the states. I'd love it if you could shoot a video of them in action and post it in the video thread. JVC made a lot of great speakers only sold in Japan and parts of Europe. Some made it to the states that military personnel bought and brought back to the U.S..

    Google Jauce.com and search Victor, (JVCs label in Japan) you'll see a ton of very nice Victor/JVC gear.

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