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    With the exception of the finish, this is a clone of the teal green one I'd posted about last week. Electronically, the following were replaced/upgraded:

    **all transistors save for output trans and phono section JFETs
    **all diodes
    **all ceramic (NP0/C0G) and electrolytic caps (FC in PS, Cerafine, UFG or UKZ for audio)
    **all 1/4W resistors from 5% carbon film to 1% metal film -- all other >1/2W resistors replaced as well with MF
    **Deoxit all controls
    **white/black vein powdercoat, hammer finish
    **new lamp and fuses

    What is it about restored vintage gear that makes it sofa king cool? :biggrin:

    P.S. HT (hat tip) to Sicman for hooking me up with this unit! Thx., amigo.

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