Kenwood 10000iii

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  1. Marine0811

    Marine0811 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    anyone familiar with this model? I know where I could get one, just wondered if it was worth it. It doesn't need much work other than some cleaning and new knobs. The guy has the knobs, but ruined them by stripping off all the chrome by accident. What should I pay for it?
  2. gort69

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    Vancouver, WA
    I won't comment on the value. Finding all new knobs could be difficult and expensive. It's the same as the Model Eleven III but with the beautiful dark face. 120WPC (?) and that's where I'd look for knobs. (look also at Eleven and Eleven II - they might be the same)
  3. Marine0811

    Marine0811 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Are they a pretty decent receiver? I realize it has a lot of power.
  4. jeffe

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    McKinney, TX
    My 10000 III is bronze faced (of course!) The knobs are machined aluminum, not chromed plastic... Can you post a pic of this unit?
  5. Marine0811

    Marine0811 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I haven't gotten it yet. I wanted to get some info here first
  6. crankitup1

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    It is similar to a model eleven 111 and i think there good sounding units.

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