Kenwood 700C vs KA-7300

Discussion in 'Kenwood-Trio/Kensonic-Accuphase' started by TomB19, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. TomB19

    TomB19 Active Member

    I have a KA-7300 that I'm using as a preamp. I like it real well. Nothing wrong with it but I may be able to obtain a Supreme 700C and wonder if I'd notice a difference, other than aesthetics.
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  2. Alobar

    Alobar Pulling out of the Last Chance Texaco.. Subscriber

    SE Alaska
    Can't speak to the 7300 but the 700C is really a wonderful piece of gear. If it's not too dear I would sure be trying to get it. If it isn't worth it for you I'm sure you could sell it easily as they are sought after. .
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  3. Grenadeslio

    Grenadeslio Super Member

    No experience with the 700C so can't speak to SQ, but I'm also using a 7300 as a pre and I really think the aesthetics are similar. The 7300's preamp section is widely considered one of Kenwood's best so...............
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  4. Blue Shadow

    Blue Shadow Waiting for Vintage Gear from this century Subscriber

    SE PA
    Those that have moved from Kenwood to Supreme have noticed a nice bump in performance. I expect you would too, if both units are functioning properly.
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  5. SoCal Sam

    SoCal Sam Lunatic Member

    Picker's Paradise
    You will want a 700M shortly after getting the C.
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