Kenwood Basic M2A Amp acting strange?

Discussion in 'Kenwood-Trio/Kensonic-Accuphase' started by kenwoodlvr, Nov 3, 2015.

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    I bought a very nice refurbished M2A many years ago and it has been exceptionally good to me. I have it as part of my TV surround system driving just the two main speakers. it is housed in a furniture piece with wooden doors. We open the doors to power on the receiver which in turns fires up the amp. WELL...the other day when closing the wooden cabinet door there was a loud 'POP' at the speakers. Upon further investigation finds that if i tap the amp pretty much anywhere with a slight knuckle tap the meter bars will almost spike and a loud pop at the speakers is heard. I am assuming there is a loose contact or connection. any idea what could cause such a thing. Oh and besides that "pop sound" the amp still works flawless.


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  2. R-2-R

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    Yes I completely know, realize and understand that this thread/post is three years old but still "just maybe" you could tell us what exactly did you find out about the situation with the slight problem you had with your Kenwood M2A Basic power amplifier having that "spike" sound heard from the speakers if lightly tapping the power amplifier?

    Did you find out what the exact cause was?

    Was it ever corrected?

    What did you finally end up doing?

  3. R-2-R

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    First off I would just like to say......."THANK YOU!".......Kenwoodlvr for your help.

    What I first had to do was disassemble the entire unit and give the entire internal areas of the my Kenwood M2A Basic Power Amplifier a good cleaning. Removed all dust and dirt entirely from all areas then once that was accomplished I used alcohol to clean all boards, connections, etc. Then afterwards I started to carefully inspect all connections and solder run's, joints, etc. for any visible cracks or breaks, etc. as you indicated and I am glad to report that I could not find any! Boy, let me tell you, was I relieved!

    Afterwards, again, I carefully started to clean and lubricate all switches, connections, etc. with different types of Deoxit that I had available. Once all that was done and cleaned and dried, I started to re-assemble all parts associated with the amplifier back to together.

    Then came the moment of truth by reconnecting and trying it out?......But in all truthfulness I have to first say that originally, the way I had my Kenwood M2A Basic Power Amplifier connected to the rest of the audio system was different.

    What I mean is that besides the power amplifier being connected to a power strip, all the power amplifiers "Switched" and "Unswitched" plugs were being used as well. I had other audio components from the audio system. Basically it was being used as a "plugged in" connection, using the power amplifier as a power source as well.

    So when I reconnected it back to the system I decided to not do this at all. I went out and purchased a much longer and power strip and re-arranged every audio component to be plugged into it and left the Kenwood M2A Power Amplifier by itself, plugged into the new power strip.

    Once all was reconnected and done, tried it out and now everything is working as it should with favorable results!

    No more "power spikes or clicks" when turning on the Kenwood M2A Power Amplifier as previously described in my earlier post.

    Now I really there is no other way of explaining how the positive results came to be but I highly suspect that the two problems could be blamed here. 1.) The Kenwood M2A Power Amplifier needed to be throughly cleaned and re-lubricated and 2.) I needed to remove/disconnect all other plugged in audio components that the power amplifier had connect to it's Unswitched and Switched plugins.

    I strongly believe that was the cause of my existing problem(s).

    Anyway hopefully this will have solved the problem and it will not return.

    Again, thank you very much Kenwoodlvr for your help!
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    Mel Gibson has been acting strange for decades. Just sayin'.

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