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  1. Soundslave

    Soundslave AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I need a power switch for a ka7100 amp that I'm restoring for my collection. I believe the switch in a ka8100 or 9100 is the same and maybe others. Anyone have one to sell?
  2. sbeineke

    sbeineke New Member

    I will go out on a limb here and say that power switch is pretty standard throughout all the Kenwoods of that era. I have a 7100 and I just love it. Will never part of it. The shaft coupler on the off-a-b selector rotary switch is cracked. But I just have one set of speakers hooked up anyways so no big deal. At any rate, I will ask my friend down at our local classic gear repair place if he has one laying around. Talk about a museum..he has it. But sometimes it takes up to a year to get something back. I have had a old scott amp down there for going on 2 years. But when I do get it will be perfect to a T.
  3. leesonic

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    Southern NJ
    Power switch - search eBay for ALPS TV-5 switch.

    Plastic shaft coupler - look in one of the drawers of your local Sears hardware.

  4. gort69

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    Unless your switch has a broken toggle or something...

    That switch has 4 sets of contacts and only 1 set is used. If it's otherwise intact and hasn't welded itself "on" just snip the wires tight to the switch and move them straight over to the other side of the divider. Also, the KA-6100, 7100, 8100 & 9100 all use the same switch.
  5. ManyMoonsAudio

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    These are usually a double throw double pole switch. I have taken them apart, flipped the assembly over, and put back together. Brand new contacts.
  6. Soundslave

    Soundslave AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I had set the amp on the floor to rearrange the shelf and the wife stepped on the on-off switch breaking off the switch lever. What's this about plastic shaft coupler?
  7. SicMan

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    I sent you another PM, I have one.

  8. CharlieBee

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    When you get the power switch fixed, the KA 7100 amp is a good candidate for a switchable power switch.

    I have a switchable power switch for all my systems and plug in all CD, TT, RTR etc into it also. That saves all the switches from wear and tear and I can unplug all of them by just unplugging the switchable power switch. Why unplug them, well for the ultimate in lightning and power surge protection.

    I find switchable power strips cheap ,at estate and garage sales, usually a dollar or two.


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