Kenwood KA8100 bass and treble knobs not working

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    Hey guys, first post.

    I had a Kenwood - Cerwin Vega combo back in the day, and got the itch to get into good sound again. I'm a bargain shopper and like fixing things so I've refoamed a couple speakers (Large Advents, and CV AT-8...not bad!). Stumbled on a Kenwood 8100 the guy demoed for me. To my virgin ears it sounds good. It has an issue with the right channel until it warms up, or you hit one of the sub-filter buttons. I researched that and I know I have to DeOxit.

    But my bigger issue is the bass and treble knobs don't do anything. And i have a hard time telling if the subfilter flute switches are doing anything. I find it hard to believe that the oxidation could totally take them out of circuit, could it? I'll find out tonight since my DeOxit gets here. But while it's open, is there anything else I should look at? I'm not following how the tone defeat knobs could affect the bass and treble ones. Do the tone defeat have to be in a certain position to activate the bass and treble knobs? Yes, i'm very wet behind the ears...haha

    By the way I plan on recapping this whole thing in the next few months (not now). I like soldering and in general doing this type of thing. Thanks to roger, cohibajoe and gort69 for the write ups. The soldering I understand, replace caps wtih exact ones. I've done this in many other electronics. But when you guys start talking voltages on resistors and so on, i get lost. I have to do more research.

    And what is a "triac" installed on the power switch?

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    And, the subsonic filter will not alter audible sound, only under 18HZ. If you have a turntable, try it on and off, with your speaker grills removed and watch the woofers. It removes most of the vinyls warped ''rumble''.

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