Kenwood KA9100 (and other amps) Wood Case Cause Overheating?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by rotobadger, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. rotobadger

    rotobadger AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Phoenix, AZ
    I'm awaiting delivery of my newly purchased Kenwood KA9100 (can't wait!) and am considering a wood case and/or rack handles. Obviously, this is just for aesthetic reasons and I think the look very cool.

    But, is there a downside to the case when it comes to heating issues? Can it cause overheating due to the fact the amp can't "breathe" as well?


    Also, picked up a matching tuner KT7300. Really not that into listening to stereo but I just love how the set looks. Kind of why I went with the 7300 rather than spring for the 8300.


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  2. Blue Shadow

    Blue Shadow Waiting for Vintage Gear from this century Subscriber

    SE PA
    flip switches instead of push buttons on the tuner. Ok might look better with the 9100 as it has more flip switches.

    The box will allow the amp to run hotter under most conditions but if you don't use all the watts it might not be a problem.
  3. KingBubba

    KingBubba "Too Much Stuff" Subscriber

    Brooksville, Fl.
    Wood is one of the best insulators available. This is one reason why log cabins do so well in the Northlands. As long as you have an opening at the top to match the metal case you should be just fine. Handles are a nice add on too, but likely a bit costly.

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