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Discussion in 'Kenwood-Trio/Kensonic-Accuphase' started by cwforever, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. cwforever

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    Hello everyone this is my first time posting on this website but i have learned many things from this website over the years .! So my question is I have a kenwood kr 4070 that i am rebuilding, and i got everything to work except i am not getting any reception on am or fm . Just a white noise type of static, and none of the tuning meters move . I know the selector switches and and power switches are a weak point in these receivers . I took out the selector switch today and am going to go through the switch make sure all the contacts are clean and touching . I really want to make sure that the wafers are aligned and in the proper spot what is the best way to make sure those are aligned properly? I do not see any type of line up marks for the wafers ?


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  2. quaddriver

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    I dont have any 4070's in front of me but isnt the switch set up to only accept the shaft one way?

    if you crank it to aux does it accept aux and if you crank it to phono does it accept a phono input? I ask as a 'rule out' because it is unlikely that it selects some positions and not others....its not that mechanically complex.

    IF this is the case, Id look at the tuner front ends not having much power or the gates popped...
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    This any help?

  4. Watthour

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  5. ivandezande

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    The SM has wafer ID's and such. The pole likes to slide out for whatever reason.

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