Kenwood KR9600 power switch

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    My son's KR9600 has a failed power switch and he's relegated to turning it on and off at the wall plug. Otherwise it's a fine rig and has many more years left in it.

    These seem to be as rare as bigfoot sightings. 9600 parts appear all the time on eBay but the sellers I've questioned never know where to find this all-important part. Has anyone seen one for sale, or know of an aftermarket switch that could be fitted by someone who's not a tech?



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  2. gort69

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    The switch has two sets of unused contacts. If you're handy with working on stuff with tiny parts you can remove the toggle assembly and rotate the switch body 180 degrees (relative to the toggle assembly) and reassemble it and be back to good as new. Or you can search ebay for "Alps 6 pin toggle" and rebuild it it with all new guts.. PM sent regarding a replacement switch
  3. caltechi

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    Once the switch is flipped to utilize the unused contacts, I recommend performing the Triac mod as outlined in This Thread. There's alot to read (like 10 pages of posts) but the end result is a way to save the stock power switch for the life of the unit for under $10.00. Simply put, the original design puts the switch is in the direct path of the mains supply rail which causes an arching in the contacts every time the switch is activated, eventually fouling the contacts over time. The Triac acts as a solid state AC relay and handles the heavy duty switching while the mechanical power switch carries only a few mAs of current to control the Triac. Here's some pics of one i did recently:

    Inside of the switch showing the fouled side and unused side:

    Shaping the leads of the Triac:

    Triac installed. The body of the device is isolated from the terminals so no mica insulator is required:
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