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    I just ordered and received a Goodwill Online Kenwood Model Eleven G. Advertised as "tested". Bidding went fairly high, I'm certain due to the description that it was "tested". I expected it to at least power up and then take it to be professionally serviced. Unfortunately, it does not power up. First thing, I checked the timer. It works fine even without power. Turned it over to 120 minutes and it timed out as it should. I can switch it to off or reset. Neither allowed the power to come on.

    Now, after working the switch for a few minutes it appears the switch just falls freely with gravity after lifted to the on position. Is this a known repairable problem or do I need to look for a replacement switch? Any other models of power switch that is compatible?

    My skill set is not such that I would try anything myself except just to put in a new switch. I have a meter, but no experience using it.

    My repairman is 2 hrs away so it is a situation that I'd like to get some known problems/solutions to check out before I take it to him.

    My first post so if I made an error, please point it out or move my post if necessary?
    Thanks in advance


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    There is a toggle mechanism in the switch with an over-center spring and cam. It may be that the spring has failed or fallen out of place. It may be that the cam has moved or worn. The only way to determine this is to remove and disassemble the switch. Since the switch evidently operates when the lever is held up, the contacts are likely intact. There are metal tabs retaining the back of the switch to the body. If these are carefully straightened to allow disassembly, the body of the switch can be slid out of the case.
  3. VJP

    VJP New Member

    Perfect! They type of info I needed. I hope to have Wednesday off for the Holiday and will take a crack at this problem using your advise. Since I first posted, I called my tech guy in LR and said (without looking at it and depending how difficult it is to get to the switch) he thought a rough guess is $200 labor w/o a replacement part. Additionally, Goodwill has offered me a full refund since they stated it had been tested and there was zero evidence of shipping damage.

    I'll try to get inside the switch and see if it is repairable on Wednesday and let you know. Just to clarify, when I said I can move the switch up and down but it just falls with gravity, I mean that in the up/on position that there is still no power. That's why I'm wondering IF the contacts are really intact.

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