Kenwood Owners Show Us Your Kenwoods!

Discussion in 'Kenwood-Trio/Kensonic-Accuphase' started by Retro Stereo, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Hell yeah :music: It's a gem of a phono section.

    Thanks, I'll have a look into that! It really sounds good already.

    What can I say, it sounds very clean and detailed. The imaging is amazing. I had never heard anything like it. My last reference was VS. a Yamaha C-4, which I used with the B-2 before and last week after 4 months of L-1000C. The C-4 is nowhere, completely different league.

    It's a shame it looks like this on the outside, but you'll get used to it :D It can be sourced for a reasonable price (say 450 - 600 € for a mint one).

    And you can stay in you chair, it has a remote for volume and source change!
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    Here's my new addition: KP-990. Researching carts right now, so any suggestions would be great. Going into a Marantz 2220b out through some Boston Acoustics CR9s.

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    Can anyone identify the speakers shown here? This is on CL right now, and I hope to get it, but I have no idea about the speakers.

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    I have a KR-3200 I was given for free. It did not have its cover when I was given it, so I decided to make one myself, as I do woodworking as a hobby. Used 3/4 inch red oak and stained it with Minwax "walnut" stain. Not sure what color the original covers were, but I do like the dark wood look. I suspect the original case was 1/2 or 3/8 inch plywood, so this case may look a bit bulky compared to original. I "book matched" the two side pieces, cut from one board and then placed in a mirror image of each with the pattern of the end grain radiating outward. I like the effect.

    KR3200 front.jpeg
    KR3200 left end.jpeg
    KR3200 right.jpeg

    I ended up using window screening for the air vent area. It just made making the case easier.

    KR3200 top.jpeg

    After cleaning up the receiver I was so impressed by the sound that I purchased a KR-4200 that I found locally. It's all original, but doesn't look any different than the others posted here, so did not take a picture yet.
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    20170922_151446.jpg Just arrived on Friday. My first Kenwood and first monster receiver.
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    That's gorgeous
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