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Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by ebcdic, Oct 12, 2017.

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    The 90s Sony garage receiver is about falling over so I started looking around for a good to go cheap vintage receiver to go out in the garage. Picked up a Kenwood TK-80 SS receiver for $65 bucks on Ebay.

    Was surprised to find tubes in the tuner section. :) Appears everything is SS except the tuner. Looks like a bit of care is in order, cant imagine exposing this little gem to the Arizona summers out there in the garage. I was blown away by the sound of the FM tuner.

    The good is the radio and tape inputs sound great. The bad is the aux and phono inputs have quite a bit of static in both channels. The controls are also really stiff.

    Guess I will start with a good cleaning and deoxit treatment. Imagine the static has to be related to some caps, some look pretty rough.

    Anyone service one of these little guys? Barely any information out there on them, especially this hybrid model.

    TK-80 1.jpg
    TK-80 2.jpg
    TK-80 3.jpg


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    Tubes in a tuner are usually cheap to replace. While i am not sayiing that putting new tubes will cure your problem, it would be good insurance. Static in a tuner is a normal situation at least between channels. If you don't get any other sounds then you need to check that the selector switch is working and also the antenna is connected. If you can't get any sound then you probably have to send it out for repair or just decide to not use the tuner. I don't work on tuners but the power supply for the tuner is just like a tube amp and will need to have new electrolytics if you decide to have a long term relationship with you new toy.

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