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Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by burmashave, Nov 6, 2017.

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    The Crites crossover kits are not meant to be a sonic improvement on the original design. They are a direct replacement. If the caps in your speakers originally are fine, then you should notice no difference from the original to the replacement.
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    Preventive maintenance, kind of like new plugs and wires in your older cars, usually fine when you change them but you still change them. That's how I look at it when doing speakers.
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    Two of my original caps were measuring above specs.
  4. Dingman

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    I think it was my KLF-20s - when I pulled the crossover, one of them was a KLF-30 XO.
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    I recapped mine (4.2's) with Daytons and might upgrade one of these days. I have not used Bob's crossover kits. I think he has an inductor replacement for the iron core one in the 4.2 IIRC.

    I haven't done side by side tests but I can tell you a couple things. When I recapped my Klipsches, which I did a year earlier than the diaphragm upgrade, they did sound a bit better up top. The diaphragms however made a dramatic difference and I don't think it was the relative cost. Other AKers loved them, although, again, no side by side tests. The second thing I would say is that I have a pair of AR9 that I spent more restoring than the total I spent on the Klipsches by quite a bit, and I'm actually not thrilled with their top end. If I had a expectation bias, I would be saying these monsters are the best I've ever heard. But I'd be lying. The 4.2's with RussellC's Class A homebuilt amp is the best I've heard, at least with any of my own equipment.

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