Klipsch K-10-K woofer. Repair or replace?

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by Wharfcreek, Nov 19, 2018.

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    I just acquired a set of Klipsch Quartet speakers. I didn't know when I purchased them that one of the woofers was badly damaged. Looks like a baseball or something hit it. Pretty significant damage! I've 'fixed' woofers with tears in them before....using of all things the spun fabric in a 'used' fabric softener sheet.....and treated it with silicone. This silicone acts like an adhesive yet remains somewhat flexible, thus it doesn't tear or crack like a brittle glue might. I generally put this 'patch' on both sides of the cone, and have never had one fail. However, this is more than just fixing a small tear in the the cone. So, it's probably either 're-cone' it, or replace it. Problem is, finding a K-10-K isn't easy. If I could find one at a reasonable price I'd probably buy it. I did find a re-cone kit for $45 and $13 shipping. That seems a bit pricey, but maybe not. Been a while since I bought one of these kits or did a job like this. In any event, just curious what kinds of thoughts might be out there regarding the result of a re-cone and it's performance as related to an OE speaker? Tom D.
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