KR-7600 Tuner cord replacement help

Discussion in 'Kenwood-Trio/Kensonic-Accuphase' started by Ramoreau1, Aug 31, 2018.

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    20180831_195930.jpg Well here I am with my new/old awesome thrift store find. She just needs a good cleaning aaaaand a tuner line replacement. The good news is the old line is here, just broken, so I can get the line measurement right. But I need a diagram or picture to see what wraps around what and where and how many times it loops around certain things. Pictures would be appreciated and advise welcome. I had planned on using fishing line unless someone has a better solution. Also would like to state that I am new at this I my need a little more explaining. Thanks for your help.


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    The s/m directions are good EXCEPT they leave out one very important detail. You'll notice that the big pulley has two separate halves. There is a torsion spring in the middle. After step 3, twist the two halves in opposite directions against the spring and inset a small nail or something ( I used a small hex key) through the hole on the outer pulley and through one of the holes on the inner pulley. This gives proper tensinon for the string. Follow the routing as shown in the s/m while keeping the string from sagging or drooping. After step 6, remove your nail, ect. This will tighten up the string. Then finish with steps 7 and 8.

    NOTE Boss "A" is the tab on the inner pulley, and Boss "B" is on the outer pulley. The 2 1/2 turns in step 6 go around the outer pulley.

    DO NOT try to remove the big pulley from the shaft - you risk pulling the shaft out with the pulley, and that's a train wreck.


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    This is exactly what I needed! Thank you both. I will get back to this post in about a week when the line arrives. Will take some pictures of finished product. Wish me luck and thanks again.
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    Good Luck. It took me a few times to get a restring right on a single pulley system. I'd recommend you go slow with the first try and just understand that maybe it might not be perfect and you might want to do it again. I think the double pulley might be a benefit as my first attempt with just a single spring at one end of the string on the pulley, I didn't get enough tension on the string when the knot was tied. This isn't hard, just fiddly.

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