KR-8050 / KR-9050 Interchange?

Discussion in 'Kenwood-Trio/Kensonic-Accuphase' started by oldboats, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. oldboats

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    Fargo, North Dakota
    I am asking here as it seems the most likely place for anyone to know the answer and some of you have actually been in the guts of several pieces of equipment.
    Does anybody have any idea if the following parts on a KR-9050 and a KR-8050 are the same (part numbers where provided taken from the KR-8050 service manual):

    Speaker Terminal Posts ***Terminal Board (E20-0812-05)***
    Push Buttons ***Knob (K-29-0319-04)***
    Bass Potentiometer (the electrical part, not the knob)
    Speaker Selector (the electrical part, not the knob)
    Input Selector (the electrical part, not the knob)

    Heck, for that matter if there is another piece, like a KR-7050 or even something from another series that has the same pieces, is anyone aware of it?
    I am trying to save a 99% functional piece that looks like someone gave it several hard kicks but should clean up otherwise, so all help is appreciated.
  2. fernarias

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    Merced, CA
    They probably match. Right now there are a lot of those parts on the auction site from a 8050. Are you trying to save an 8050 or a 9050? If a 9050, try looking at the auctions and see if they match the parts that you have.
  3. roger2

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    I don't know the answer. But you can get a 9050 service manual and compare the part numbers to those from the 8050 manual.

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