Kr6160 loud POP on start up

Discussion in 'Kenwood-Trio/Kensonic-Accuphase' started by ducati2, Jun 9, 2018.

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    my kr6160 sounds great, but when starting it cold, I have to remember to switch speakers off and turn down volume prior to turning on unit,,, or I get a loud POP. I have decided to fix it, but not sure where to start. I did replace the 3 largest filter caps, but still have same problem. Any help appreciated.
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    Schematic does not show a relay, did not see any soft start or other means.
    As part of general troubleshooting suggest running the KR as separates, ie,
    connect another amp as a preamp, this to confirm that the problem is in the
    power amp or psu stage.

    Root cause can be any tired/out of spec part. Might be something like a race condition
    between the 86V and 30Vsupply. Prefer the front end/30V to stabilize before the outputs
    are turned ON. You could fiddle with cap values (C304) but unlikely to give you the needed

    If the problem is more of an annoyance then suggest you install a protection circuit, made
    in china, something like ebay item 121317580107, just need to add 12Vac, may need a separate
    transformer. No affiliation.

    If the "pop" is significant then the relay may just mask a more serious problem
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