KT-5500 Mono Auto-Muting Problem,... fix or leave it alone.

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    Thanks for reading this thread!

    I acquired a pair of Kenwood Tuna Twins last week. They were a CL find and they were cheap. Both units are in excellent condition and seem to work great after a good cleaning, dusting with brush, compressed air and Caig DeoxIT products.

    After tinkering with the amp, I started to focus on the tuner. The tuner does a nice job pulling in stations in my basement using a 300ohm T style antenna. The FM Mode Auto Muting button is depressed and in the MONO position. I see great signal strength on the meter in the '5' position, the Tuning meter needle is to the Left and not in the middle notched position. The tuning dial is on frequency, possibly .5 to 1.0kHz off,... I attribute this to string lag, stretch, plastic wheel and age. I had to push the metal axle on the dial string wheel back into the tuning cap! At first, I thought the plastic wheel had warped from heat but it slid back in, thru the gearing and stop washer. Signals are strong and clear, AM signals are good but limited in my area. Again, I am in my basement with a recessed ceiling and the antenna is not totally ideal and stretched out. I could move the testing area to a higher location in my home but as I recall, I noted this symptom at the Seller's home.

    Herein is my issue,....

    When I depress the FM Mode button to the AUTO/MUTING position, I get 'in and out' reception, mostly static on the stongest of stations that were present in the MONO position. I get FM Stereo LED light flicker only, it is never steadily lit. The Tuning meter will get very close to the middle notched position but the Signal Strength will roll off to the '3' or '4' position. I sprayed some D5 into the small slits on top of the AUTO/MUTING sliding switch, worked it back and forth, then blew it out with compressed air,...there is no adjustment to this sliding switch that I can see. I cleaned the tuning cap and was extra careful near the fins. I did spray some Fader Lube on the tuning cap axle between the fins. There is no oxidation on the cap. I have not turned any adjustment pots yet.

    I know that this tuner is NOT the most desirable tuner in the Kenny Tuna Twin line but it looks fantastic and matches the amp. I swapped all the burned out, stock bulbs for LEDs and the look is nice IMHO. Is there any home service that I could try to sort this issue out?

    The switch that I am referring to is the smaller, shorter brown one, below. The other is the longer FM/AM band switch. The slits are extremely narrow and not really accessible to cleaner, not lubricant.


    The push switch is the white one on the Left, below. You can see that the switch is in the 'OUT' position, the Tuning meter is almost completely in the tuned, middle position and the signal stregnth drops off slightly. The Tuning dial might roll off 2-3kHz to the right or left in order to tune but it never locks in the frequency to where it is heard loud and clear. You can see that the FM Stereo red, LED is not lit even when it is tuned. It will flicker though.


    Thank you in advance to those that are familiar with this gear and can help.


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  2. 8xlaxx

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    Did a lil research this morning,... Found this post from another site.


    Post #6

    There seems to be some type of trimmer pot that gets dirty and open up a bit? Anyone here have a schematic or know the pot that I could make a few turns to?

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