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    Lacreses Story

    We wish to be adopted because it's really been a while since my boys received anything for Christmas due to me not having a job in the past two years that's because I have no help, I have no support. I have been taking care of my three boys alone since they were born. I just feel that they do great in school and all very respectful but as there super mom I can't get them what they want. They are great boys and they derserve it. I'm just going through a lot. I have been trying to find a job this is about my three lovely boys my kings the reason of why I breath, they deserve to receive gifts for Christmas there such great smart loving kids int would be happy to know that someone was willing to help their mother make things happen for them.

    Lacrese was one of my most prepared moms to go shopping. She had her list and I just followed her as she picked up the things that her 3 sons wanted for Christmas. She was not super talkative buy kept saying how thankful she was that her boys were adopted. It took us less than 45 minutes for her to fill her cart and when I told her we had reached her budget she just kept saying Thank you as we walked to the checkout.

    Check out the fun toys that she chose for her boys. She was so happy to get her sons remote control cars; I reminded her that she needed to pick up batteries or Christmas morning wouldn't be any fun. So she has plenty of batteries cause we all know that the boys are going to run those remote control cars to death. lol


    15590133_1196082453760738_4895788587427689578_n (1).jpg


    15621833_1196082540427396_5723760703242476777_n (1).jpg
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    A heap of fun in that cart!

    Way to go, Nancy! Thanks.
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    Thanks Ms Grumpy

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