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    Pictures of my restored Large Advent collection, I never had any goal to do this just wanted
    to understand the design of each one after finding out that they made so many changes. I
    collected these in order to create this web page on the Large Advent crossovers:

    Links to pictures:


    All speakers were restored with 1% polypropylene caps with resistors added
    to approximate the original ESR. Re-foamed with the correct foam. T&S
    parameters tested both in free air and in system. All XO components tested
    for value and DC resistance. Tweeters T&S parameters tested. All non gas
    tight connections tested for DC resistance (<.005R) and treated with DeOxit.

    Please note that I have used 1% caps because the original caps often
    measured better than 5% and I did not want to use inferior value caps,
    and also did not want to have to hand select each one. All old components
    that were reused were tested for value. New components were also tested
    as a QC check simply to verify the correct value. All of these speakers are
    otherwise completely stock with original fiberglass stuffing in the OLA and
    5012/O, and foam stuffing in the NLA.

    1. Original Large Advents (OLA) from 1972 owned by my family since new.
    One woofer replaced.

    2. New Large Advents restored as above. Tweeters replaced due to what
    was believed to be ferro-fluid issues. New linen grille cloth.

    3. Jensen 5012/O the /O indicates real oak veneer cabinets. All original

    I've given all of these speakers a listening check and they are free of any
    strange noises or distortions, and are well balanced side to side.

    I continue to be highly impressed by the OLA (with 4dB of BSC) where they
    compete and in fact beat many modern designs:

    They are available for review in case any magazines are interested for a vintage article.
    Might make an interesting article on how to build a budget system with main
    speakers costing less than $100. These would work well for HT without a sub,
    and even better with a pair of budget subs such as the HSUs.
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  2. Rome

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    Dallas, Texas
  3. mr.jones

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    Flagstaff, AZ
    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hanleyster

    Hanleyster ambitious but rubbish

    My smaller advents never cease to amaze me.. I have them setup as bedroom TV speakers. The bass is so deep and powerful you would think there was a serious subwoofer in the room.

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