Laserology - CD Players and why they stop reading

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Rob., Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Nautiker

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    Great info - but for those of us who aren't techs, is there still anyone who will work on CD changers? I have a Sony CDP-C910 that was working fine until this morning, and now won't recognize a disc. It accepts the disc, spins for 5-6 seconds, never 'reads' anything, and then moves to the next disc...


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  2. ZeroG

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    I've got a Sony XA20ES, where the entire drawer mechanism ejects to load, then slides over a stationary laser. The one with the aluminum puck without which the entire thing is useless? Well, after years of good service, CDs play fine until they get to the last few tracks. Those last few skip quite a bit. IIRC, the outer part of the disk is where the last few tracks are located.

    Would this be a dirty lens issue or a dirty rails issue or what? I'm fine with cleaning and changing a belt on the average CD player but this is a totally different animal.

    Anyone ever have this issue and know how to solve it?
  3. restorer-john

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    Your spindle motor upper sleeve bearing may have worn and developed significant run-out. At the outer edge of CDs, the spiral is harder to track laterally and bearing play with exacerbate that issue. The spindle motor may also be worn and unable to speed correct a the lower rotational speeds at the outer tracks.

    The Sony's with the heavy puck were not a great design in that respect.
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  4. ozziozzi

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    Old DEnon cdp skipping/stuttering only on FIRST TRACK after that it works flawlessly, plays right to the last track and sounds great. I am using the digital optical out into a PIONEER AV receiver's optical input to its builtin DAC. Any suggestions on a fix for this problem?

    The good thing about this cdp is that the IR remote controls all functions including fade in/out. This is a background BBQ area system always under cover.
  5. faber12

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    @Rob. Thank you for posting this link. I have restored my CD player to working order.


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