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Leslie Powered Speakers Madison Wi CL

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by TomBig58, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. TomBig58

    TomBig58 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Not affiliated. Jensen drivers.

    Two Leslie 102 Speakers. Looking for $800 obo for the two. I have the backs for them, cabinets are in pretty good condition. I'm not sure of the operational condition of the amplifiers or speakers. I also have two Leslie 103 speakers for sale I'll try to post more pictures later today.


    Not sure if operational but one of the amps is missing half the tubes. It's interesting he has two more. Must have demo'd an old hall or church or something.


    Not knowing what I was looking at I found this on the wiki page. These things are crazy cool!

    [​IMG]An animation showing the behavior of a Leslie speaker when running.
    1 = Horn enclosure
    2 = Compression driver
    3 = Treble motor
    4 = Crossover
    5 = Bass motor
    6 = Woofer
    7 = Drum enclosure
    8 = Drum
    9 = Cabinet


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