Let There Be Light (1946) Director John Huston

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    Important if you suffer from PTSD DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!! I was a career employee of the VA and this documentary disturbed me profoundly.

    During and after WW2 the major Hollywood directors produced a series of documentary flims. The "Why We Fight series" where some of the results. After the WW2 this continued for a couple of years. John Huston went into an Army Hospital devoted to the treatment of soldiers suffering what they called "Battle Neurosis" now called" Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" (PTSD). This was the first time any systematic treatment of this condition was attempted. Even today with all of the advancements in its treatment it is a tough road for the Vet travel down. With my educated eye there were soldiers shown whose body language would have made me get somewhere else real fast. Back then they didn't know what to do some of the treatments used we now know to be useless. To his credit John Huston did not gloss over anything. When the documentary was completed and Army Brass viewed it they where horrified. They sent MP's and confiscated all of the copies of the film and is was not seen for 30 years. It was finally released for public showing in 1980 by The Library of Congress. Thankfully it was preserved and we have this brutally honest documentary to view today. The beautiful thing is there is no political agenda in the flim John Huston told the staff, and patients to act as though the cameras were not there. What you will learn is "The Greatest Generation" is far greater then you thought,

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    I was disturbed and I don't have or know anyone who has PTSD. I couldn't finish it.
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