Let's See Those Keyboards!

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by Rach3maninoff, May 29, 2016.

  1. Rach3maninoff

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    Mayberry, NC
    I currently share my listening space with not just one, but two pianos. Since my wife and I both play (she teaches) and wanted to invest in a good piano early into our almost 30-year marriage, we purchased the Yamaha U1 on the left, and have never regretted it for one second! It still sounds as great as it did the day we bought it.

    The Marshall & Wendell baby grand on the right was bequeathed to me by a great aunt who purchased it secondhand in 1957, when my mother first came to the states from the Philippines to do some post graduate piano studies in San Francisco. It's still in pretty decent shape, but could use a tuning right now. Now that life has slowed down somewhat (maybe), I'd like to get it into shape so that my wife and I can learn some two-piano music together.


    Now - let's see your keyboards and the stories behind them!
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  2. brian222

    brian222 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Gladwin, Mi.
    Finally found this recently. I've been looking for years. Close enough to do local pickup...not easy pickup though...72lbs.

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  3. Gazdatronik

    Gazdatronik Super Member

    Chattanooga TN via Chicago
    The Korg X2 is mostly my controller, it is so painfully 90's sounding that I rarely use it for anything else. The Minibrute is my little box of fun, for the money it's hard to beat for a new machine. The Korg DW8000 on the top shelf is pure nostalgia to work with, I've had it since 2002 and its in most of my recordings. The Oberhiem Matrix 6R is my analog Swiss Army knife, I can make it sound like a lot of things, even a drunk Sylvester Stallone.

    Not pictured is the Peavey DPM-C8 midi controller I used to use but decommissioned it due to it being the size of a bus terminal.
  4. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier Subscriber

    Nothing fancy here at the moment, just a used Yamaha keyboard I bought for my daughter. She also has one at her mother's house. I have a MIDI interface, with a couple of the Arturia software emulators (like the Minimoog), just for kicks.

    I had to sell an early 60s Baldwin Acrosonic a few years ago since I was tired of moving it from house to house (five times in eight years). I miss having it around, as I learned to play on it. But it just isn't practical. I am probably going to get a digital piano with the right "feel" to the keys in the next year or two--it's easier to move, and takes up less space, and we can use it with headphones if needed. Wish I had a picture of the Baldwin though.
  5. invalidbuffa

    invalidbuffa Audio tinkerer

    Not much love for keyboards here... I've been playing piano for 20 some odd years and recently got into restoring and playing Hammond organs. Sorry for the yesteryear's android quality pics...

    Yamaha C5

    Hammond A100, M3, and Leslie 45 (2-speed converted) all fully restored

    Nord electro 5D and Kawai VPC-1

    I have a Korg minilogue on loan to a friend and I have no photos, but I made a video a while back

    Calling all claviers!

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