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Discussion in 'Headphones' started by grafxdesin, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. grafxdesin

    grafxdesin Well-Known Member

    So I just discovered the world of Grado Modifications and of course it got me drooling. Has anyone in here done this before? Some of the options are absolutely beautiful and from reading I should be able to make an incredible pair of headphones for a few hundred dollars.
    I currently have Grado SR80e and SR325, the 325's are pretty new and have opened up a whole new world to me.
    What I have gathered so far is a few people make drivers, ear cups, and ear pads.
    What I have found and liked so far is:
    Driver: https://www.symphones.com/ I like these the best so far, anyone else make drivers?
    Ear Cups: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShipiboAudio These guys are making some incredible looking cups, anyone in this group make something similar? Any other recommendations?
    Wires/Cables: This is where I am looking for suggestions, I know I can get improvement over the stock Grado cables but what/who? Mogami seems to be a good company but I also like the look of a braided/cloth cable. Can anyone make some suggestions on who makes a good cable for this purpose? I can attach the jacks so plain/bulk wire will work.
    Please feel free to share any info or experiences you have had with building or modding you own headphones. This is totally new to me
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  2. will1960

    will1960 Active Member

    Can I ask what your end goal is? Grado's are wonderful 'phones, (I own two pair), and it appears you want to completely rebuild them with other parts? No offense intended, but if you replace the drivers, ear pads, and cables, you are basically just using the headband and hardware. Why not buy a cheap pair of phones at Target and start over with those? Good luck to you in your pursuit!
  3. grafxdesin

    grafxdesin Well-Known Member

    In the end they will not be Grado's you are correct. My end goal is to make the best possible headphones with my budget. Plus I love the DIY nature of this. They will also look much better than the Grado's. The reason you cannot just buy a cheap pair of phones at target is because these modification parts are built to fit Grado's, not just any headphone.
    Hope that helps.
  4. Natitude

    Natitude Super Member

    Hampton Roads, Va
    Funny you posted this. I came to the headphone forum to research this myself. I have a pair of SR-80's and was thinking about doing these mods....


    I have a
    Ready done the "quarter mod" and plan to do the rest hopefully over the long weekend. Also am thinking about doing the wood cups.....
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  5. Douger

    Douger Member

    Omaha, NE USA
    I am a Grado fan for many years, and recently purchased a pair of hybrid leather pads for my GH2's from Beautiful Audio in
    New Zealand. They are not cheap, $115/pr plus $25 shipping to US, but very well built and comfortable beyond belief!
    Silvian is great to work with! These would work very well with SR325's, and while the phones retain their open attributes,
    bass is enhanced...
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  6. Kenny Bond

    Kenny Bond New Member

    This was my first attempt. I made the cups, yokes, etc. Started out my the 80’s so risk was small. Needs a new headband.

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