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Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by dfunghi, Mar 17, 2018.

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    Not exactly a direct review of any LP in particular but I just have fallen in love with reading liner notes lately. On many of the early jazz LPs I have been buying the past couple years it is like a lesson in jazz listening and helps one understand the jazz scene of the time. Jazz, more so than any other genre I am aware of, had so much crossover of musicians. Imagine if all the greats of 1960-70 R&R bands were able to play on each others LPs and share the spotlight.

    A pair of Jimmy Smith LPs I recently acquired and listened to end to end were amazing and then I read that Hank Mobley, Donald Byrd, Sweet Lou and others are all playing on it. Or how many BN LPs does Lee Morgan show up on without it remotely being a "Lee Morgan" LP?

    The collaborative and convivial nature of jazz made its way onto vinyl, lucky for us.

    Rock liner notes are a bit more surreal (1960-70 stuff) and can go off into wild stories.
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    Agreed. I love reading liner notes while listening to a record, especially jazz. They tend to describe the music much better than in rock. One "rock" record that comes close is Allman Brothers Beginnings, where it describes how to tell the difference between Dicky's and Duane's guitars. One Miles Davis album (Greatest Hits) seems to make fun of the format: the whole back of the album is dedicated to describing a certain person's taste in clothing with no mention of music.

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