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Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by SmileyFaceEQ, May 8, 2018.

  1. SmileyFaceEQ

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    So my brother really likes my system and I’d like to get him started. I am still a newb to vintage hifi. Any of you know of or recommend or avoid any of the pieces pictured below?
    F8EFDE95-F4DB-4188-9152-B1B48B60EEFF.jpeg FDCE7A98-BEE0-42C8-AC22-775E4D1FC7EF.jpeg 6B0440B2-8EA1-4DB8-91F9-298BB0CE927A.jpeg 0441F6AC-7118-4F86-804E-CBFABD6618AF.jpeg 61CBC2AC-A5C9-4234-9BBE-2896192D21FE.jpeg 7FBCA99B-0F1F-4DB2-A64F-913DD24F719D.jpeg E90B6E85-A179-49C0-A18A-E1ED702BB224.jpeg


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  2. KevinJS

    KevinJS Lunatic Member

    Generous brother!

    I bought the Realistic you pictured for my son. He has it hooked up to a pair of Mission bookshelves and seems quite happy with it.

    The rest of the stuff, I have no experience with.
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  3. Guest126

    Guest126 Well-Known Member

    All of those brands are stellar. He will love the Sansui. The Turntable is a relative of the old BSR/McDonald changer staple of the 70's, which were crude but incredibly reliable. This particular turntable looks related to BSR's Quantra (sp) line, which was more refined than their other TTs, but not quite up to the levels of the finer turntables of that period such as Dual, Garrard, Pioneer, Philips, etc. It should make a good first turntable though if its working.

    Good luck.
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  4. birchoak

    birchoak Hi-Fi Nut Subscriber

    Amesbury, MA
    Hi smiley face--the best gear is that which sounds good to your ears (or your brother's in this case) without breaking the bank. For turntables I like linear tracking turntables because they are almost, literally "close and play" devices. They take T4P cartridges, which tend to be of the same weight and connection configuration, meaning you loosen one screw on the TT, pull out the cartridge, stick in the new one, replace the screw, go back to playing records. That's it. No weird gauges, no fiddling with counterweights--none of that--and I've never had one skip. If you already have the stuff in the pics, go with that and let your brother enjoy it/listen/come to his own preferences. And beware, if you ask anyone here what's a good amp, etc., you're going to be buried in replies!
  5. Hajidub

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    Colorado Springs, CO
    Do a search for the "Deoxit and you" thread prior to giving up those pieces. All decent stuff to start with IMO.

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