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Discussion in 'Packing & Shipping' started by teal'c, Dec 31, 2018.

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    This is exactly the reason that over the past year I have adopted the policy of having FedEx pack, ship and insure any delicate/large/heavy/expensive items via their location--whether it be standard ground or freight. I state specifically in my postings for these kind of items a given flat-rate for shipping, and that everything will be handled by FedEx. If FedEx does everything from beginning to end, should there be any issue with shipping damage, they are 100% responsible and there is NO debate over a claim--my FedEx guys have confirmed that multiple times. It may seem like it costs more, but IME, it is really not. If I were to spend all day scraping up or buying proper packing, and then driving it out there, it would cost just as much. They have everything right there, and assume total responsibility the minute I drop it off.

    BTW--with ANY carrier, the first response to any shipping damage claim is going to be "insufficient" or "improper" packing. If I have them do the packing--it's all on them--done--I think that is worth more than the actual insurance.


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    Threads like this make me want to cry. So much needless destruction of often irreplaceable stuff. savatage1973 is right, let them pack it, then they can't throw out their pat reply of "insufficient packing".

    Hope it all came thru okay, teal'c.
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    Let them pack a heavy and delicate piece of gear only if you're willing to see it wrecked and then take the insurance. We've all heard the tales of counter staff not understanding the physics of heavy audio gear, and packing it peanuts as a result. If you can control the process, fine, but I wouldn't just hand it over and trust them.
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