Looking for a network rcvr with phono inputs and A & B front speaker

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by bobinaz, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Looking for a network rcvr with phono inputs and both A&B front speaker outputs. This is for a friend at work. Guy is around 50, married, just moved into a new home pre-wired for 5 ceiling speakers. He has held onto a 80's Onkyo rack system with big floor standing speakers. He knows nothing about audio but is willing to learn just enough....I've helped him out a few times getting what he has set up to where he likes it. Now he wants to downsize his system somewhat. I've let him know the benefits of a network receiver. he wants to use his phone to create lists / play songs via various wifi network and music apps. he wants to keep his turntable, cassette deck and cd player. With a network rcvr he can get rid of his tuner, amp and preamp. He does not care about any video features. He does not own a TV. But he thinks it would be good to use the 5 ceiling connections for speakers and still use his big onkyo rack system speakers. I'm trying to steer him in a 2-channel direction with a sophisticated network rcvr or even a 5.1 network rcvr with an A & B fronts.


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  2. the skipper

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    You might want to explore the options here. A great selection at great prices and they are pretty complete as far as listing specs and features. And, they have pretty versatile search options to help you narrow down your options.

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  3. donprice

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    The speaker A & B concept seems to have disappeared from the newer networked AVRs...at least for the Yamaha line.

    Connecting the B speakers to a powered zone 2 or running in bi-amp mode will sort of do the same thing though not as simple as hitting the A, B, or A+B switch.

    Or simply get a 7.1 unit and run the big speakers in 2-channel stereo mode and all of them in 7-channel "stereo" mode.
  4. twiiii

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    Does each of the 5 speakers locations have separate home run of wire back to the amplifier location ? If so use a speaker selector switch box to connect the speakers as singles. Using a 1:1 transformer combining the stereo signals to mono for each speaker if there is only one speaker per room. If they are all in one room then I would put three on one channel and two on another if trying to save a buck with the speaker selector box. There are as many ways to do this as there are speaker configurations. Personally I would prefer a separate amp, be it mono for a single speaker in each room or stereo if the speakers are in pairs with a single for one room or if all the speakers are in the same room. If the system was wired for use as a supplement to a HT system, Home theatre relievers are pretty cheap with some having the ability to create good stereo too. Like I say there are many solutions as there are tastes.

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