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Looking for better then basic Bluetooth module to install in vintage radio

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by grindfix, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. grindfix

    grindfix Full time hobby Subscriber

    New Albany, OH
    I see a lot of people using KRC-86B v.4.00
    Price is cheap and I'm sure reliability and sound quality will be the same.
    Can someone recommend better quality module? I don't want to go into $100s but something around $50 with proven track record would be nice.


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  2. WobblySam

    WobblySam Well-Known Member

    Middle of NC
    There are a number of modules over at Amazon. Some support AptX if you were looking for something that "might" improve sound quality.
  3. hollowaudio

    hollowaudio New Member


    Could you explain how the AptX will improve sound quality? I'm looking to add a bluetooth module to my old HK receiver and am not clear on the sound quality potential.
  4. cpt_paranoia

    cpt_paranoia Well-Known Member

    Bluetooth is a bearer medium; it's simply a means to transfer data between devices. It's a relatively low data rate bearer.

    This bearer medium can support a number of audio data transfer protocols. Due to the low data rate, these are lossy compression protocols. That's why Bluetooth has a reputation for low audio quality

    AptX is one of the higher data rate audio protocols, supporting relatively good audio quality. Relative to the other, lossy, low quality Bluetooth audio protocols, that is.


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