Looking for guidance, but first about me and why I'm here.

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by Masonavenut, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Welcome to AK Marc!
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    Thank you gents, I'm a bit smitten with these amps. I can't seem to keep myself from looking for more. As well as looking at them.
    I'm going to try to keep a lid on that for a while as I discover everything I can about the two I have. It's tough to do though. I'm sure I'm not telling you all anything you don't already know.
    BTW just a little note on this forum in general.
    Very helpful folks with no attitude that I have seen. Also, the site itself is very intuitive and easy to maneuver as well as it seems to be well built as all the operations are pretty darn easy. So thanks to whoever is responsible for that.
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    1.) Hayseed Hamfest caps, rather than the terminal bridge will probably cost less in labor but will be offset by cost of parts (DO IT!). They even have a kit for the 400. Your choice as to the bias caps/dual cap. https://hayseedhamfest.com/products/fisher-400-re-cap-kit-4-cans
    2.) Get the EH 7868's from Jim McShane. He'll match them at operating voltages on a custom rig. Good tubes.

    Make sure he uses NON RUSSIAN TUBES in the Phase Inverter position unless he removes the noose. Ask him to read this thread http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/fisher-400-service-bulletin.671281/ that details the why's and wherefors of removing the "NOOSE" from the 400.
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    By all means, research other amps, but I think you can rest assured that you have one of the best Fisher's and you'll be hard pressed to find something better.
    We've all experienced the urge to "upgrade", but Fishers are the gold standard or benchmark that many other amps are compared to.

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