Looking for Sony APR-2003 replacement part (TC-510-2 or 5550-2)

Discussion in 'Tape' started by eveready9v, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. eveready9v

    eveready9v New Member

    Hey there,
    So I have a Sony APR-2003 that the little plastic part that allows the record knob to stay locked in record mode cracked in half and fell out of the bottom of my deck. I have read around the web that this and the sister models the TC-510-2 and 5550-2 all have the same part failure. Some folks had mentioned that there was someone machining or manufacturing a replacement? Just seeing if anyone might have a leads towards whomever might have be doing this or any other suggestions, before I just end up trying to epoxy the piece back together. Thanks for the help folks.


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  2. steerpike2

    steerpike2 Super Member

    Transvaal, South Africa
    Old thread:
    Did you have any success?
    I have one of these machines arriving next week; not sure of its problems, just reported as "beyond repair", so it might be the cam problem, with no spares available.
    Once I look inside, I may have ideas on how to make up a replacement part.
  3. danyb2000

    danyb2000 New Member

    I have a brand new NEVER USED for sale and another one for parts.

    him me back


  4. Altec_or_JBL

    Altec_or_JBL New Member

    Hi.Donyou still have this recorder? Thanks
  5. danyb2000

    danyb2000 New Member

    HI Altec,
    Yes I do.
  6. outnfront11

    outnfront11 New Member

    Hi all, not sure if anyone is still interested, but I've successfully 3D printed a few of the plastic part that enables switching between Play and Rec. Send me a note if you are interested. I have to install one in my TC-510-2 but am right now stuck repairing my APR-2003...

    I have an APR 2003 which I conducted a motor repair that was described in another forum (replace the sponge that pushes the brushes inside the motor) and had everything working fine (Play/Rec/FF/RW) I was just testing a reel when "something" happened and the PB/Record stopped working. FF/RW still works and turning the PB knob does engage a relay and I can also hear the dull static from the speaker.
    Two micro switches are open when PB or REC are selected, one is "power" and one is "timing". The power switch seems to do it's job with the correct levels, but the "timing" switch I cannot work out. I don't know what "bias +B" or "Rec +B" should be or whether the switch is doing it's job.

    Here's a snip from the schematic:


    Any ideas would be most welcome!


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  7. 8STJ

    8STJ New Member


    I'm just a new member and I need "The little plastic part that allows the record knob to stay locked in record mode" to repair my Sony TC510-2.

    Do you always have this part available (Cf picture) ? If you have it, I'm in France and I can paid by paypal.

    So if it's ok for you, please,, could you send me the total amount, included the shipping cost

    Have a Merry christmas and an happy new year

    Broken part for sony TC510.jpg

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