Looking to get a new CD player but don't know where to begin

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by halkaloogie, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Looks like a nice looking player, but if not what you were hoping don't be surprised, Walmart has new units for $149, seems you decided to give another inexpensive player a shot at being better than it should be. Hope it works out for you better than the DVP-NS500V at $279 new did for me.
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    I have no reason to believe I will like it, but because it's a no risk test. I just figured no harm in checking it out.
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    The biggest improvements in digital audio have been DAC's. All except the most expensive CD players just can't compete with today's modern DAC's.
    The new ones like the Schiit Modi 2 for $99 are a steal. Or the Bifrost for $399. Then get a decent disc spinner with a coaxial digital output and hook it up to the DAC.
    The advantage is also if you choose to get back into computer music, the DAC will be compatible with that via a USB connection, so you are future proofing your setup.
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    Good choice,and the black faceplate will look good next to your Sansui. I would have bought brand new for not much more $$,(I've had bad luck buying refurbished gear,playstation,etc). Though as you said you still have the option to send it back. Good luck with your new purchase....
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    Don't know if this is moot but a Sony sacd5020ESis an excellent player. Mine is playing as I write this, very realistic, neutral, good dac in it. ES gear is much better than the average Sony mass stuff. These were 1500 new but were discontinued a few years ago. Before that they were consistent Stereophile class A rated. I wish I had bought two when it was available. Im now looking at Marantz, OPPO and some others for my second system.
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    i'm hoping i can avoid charges of hijacking, since it looks like the OP's initial questions have been answered.
    my situation was very similar so i thought it would be redundant to start a new thread.
    due to various living situations, my system has been in mothballs for around 25 years
    currently it consists of:
    adcom gfa555 amp
    adcom gtp500 pre
    vandersteen 2ci speakers (2)

    the source used to be a denon dcd-1520 but it eventually had problems reading/loading disks so i donated it
    which i completely regret now, of course, but it's done
    i immensely enjoyed listening to it, and i liked that it had a variable out so i could hook it right to the amp
    the sound was great, especially the imaging.

    so now i'm in a place where i can set it up the hi-fi again and really enjoy it--but i'm having trouble deciding which way i should go for my source
    my media is all digital--CD,DVD,Blu Ray,mp3,etc.
    the setup will be (obviously) 2 channel and there won't be a tv with it (that is and will remain in another room) at least for now

    so the most obvious solution is to replace denon 1520 with another. i read people raving about them still and i wonder if they somehow have something in the sound quality that new units will lack. there is also the variable out feature which i found really made a huge difference for me. i understand there are other cdp's that have this feature, like adcom and sonys of the same era. but it seems limiting to just have a CD player with no access to streaming or downloaded songs. i'm on a budget (200-400) so i'm looking to possibly get a newer player from 2008-2012 era, or newer.

    so the bottom line question is, should i try to replace that denon or should i feel very confident that newer era players will have 99.5% of everything it did, plus a whole lot more?
    any recommendations people have that weren't mentioned previously in this thread i would appreciate.
    some of the more "modern" players on my watchlist right now:
    oppo bdp93/95
    Marantz 6X cdp's as well as the 500X or 800X blu ray all-in ones (will i be able to access all features if there is no TV hooked up?)
    various sony audiophile grade players

    hoping folks who take the time can recommend or perhaps steer me away from something that may prove problematic. my approach isn't to audition a lot of players. i just want to make a choice from among a few great options and be done. there's so much i don't know in this realm, so i'm asking for help. appreciate all who read and respond.

    i would like to revise and extend my remarks. i am eager to get this system up and running, and my thinking has been evolving quickly.
    i was close to getting the teac p-650 and then oppo 981hd
    decided this should be basically a dedicated disc player with no video outputs
    and also cut the outlay to 100-250 up to 300 max
    i would like it to play hdcd and sacd if possible and recognize burned cd's
    usb like the teac is nice but not necessary.
    having variable audio out is a huge plus
    bottom line: the best cd only player at $300 or less that has the most bonus features.
    just hoping you guys understand my attachment to my old system and give me confidence my new choice captures most of what the old one offered and then some.
    sorry for the long post. it's been 25 years in the desert.....
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    Just a thought - Oppo 103 (or 105). HDCD, SACD, analog & dig out, networked, not sure abt burned CDs.
    I use mine far more for audio than for video, but being able to play bluray audio discs IS a plus.
    Used $150-$400?? Downside is somewhat clunky UI (which I don't mind), but can be streamed to as well as having remote apps for phones, tablets...
    Happy hunting!
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    I see a lot of recommendations for the Onkyo C7030 and I owned one. It is a very decent sounding player but lasted two year and two months and died. I had a replacement transport and that was not the problem it was somewhere on the board. Look at the one and two star reviews on Amazon and you will see this is common. I have a Sony built in 1997 I am now using with a outboard DAC and the laser is still available. Even the DVD/CD players up to 2008 are built well and you again can use a external DAC. I have a couple Toshiba's circa 2004 and 2005 and they are built like tanks and easily found used. Used remotes on the Bay are plentiful and cheap for them also. It seems any sub 500.00$ dollar units these day's do not last.
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    So I got the Onkyo today and can say without a doubt for the money I haven't heard better. I have a giant mess of CD's on the living room floor and have been going through them and for the most part liking what I hear. The sound is bright and certain CD's are a bit harsh especially live recordings, but they are nicely detailed. Definitely a less compressed and open overall sound compared to my computer setup. So far after a few hours no regrets although I'm hoping that the harshness will tame out a bit over time.
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    as much as i hate to admit it, my eagerness to get something is definitely getting to me. i have to say the # of glowing endorsements for the 7030 that i have run into is pretty impressive. even when i'm reading reviews/feedback about other products people mention it, and when it comes up in conversation, it is universally praised. while i'd love to get a deal on a nice used player in the 150-200 range, it's getting harder to justify. i'd like to hear my cd's with the components i have and know it is a quality source. longer term though, i see the cd player being used as only a transport or jettisoned completely in favor of a networked system. the concept of a streaming integrated amp like the AURALiC Polaris has me intrigued for sure. might just end up selling all my gear to get something like that with a better matched pair of speakers (and perhaps smaller than these vandersteens). i have a cat now and i didn't when i bought the speakers. when they're set up they look like scratching posts and i'm petrified that kitty is going to go to town on them.
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    I'd be looking for a nice used high end unit. I would not discount an older Sony ES :)

    But, I'd also consider a Denon DVD 758 for a fill-in machine until that high-end used one shows up.

    It'll handle most discs you can throw at it. It'll play compilations on CD or DVD and it has a decent internal DAC. I got my last one for $20 and it sits under the Nakamichi feeding my "test" system which I use to eval vinyl, CD's and Cassettes as they come drifting in :)

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