Loonze is a Mensch

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by nolasally, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. nolasally

    nolasally AK Subscriber Subscriber

    RDU North Carolina
    Yiddish term meaning:

    a person of integrity and honor! This guy exudes this term. I was in the market for some 6SN7's and was about to pay 50.00 or more for 4 tubes. Loonze offers up a quad set for AK donation which was 25.00. The kicker is he threw in a 5th as a bonus:thumbsup:. Cant recommend highly enough. TY sir!
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  2. kryten79

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    VA Outside D.C.
    @loonze is indeed amazing. Similar experience as @nolasally, ordered a set of tubes from Loonze and he went out of his way to set me up with what I needed at a good price and also threw in an extra tube.
  3. loonze

    loonze AK Subscriber Subscriber

    ok...now I'm blushing! lol thanks!

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