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Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by quaddriver, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    My uncle recently gave me a mint looking, a 9.5/10 SX850. He is retired and does not do much other than goto Giant Eagle for coffee, wendys for lunch, and goodwill each day to buy stuff. He has a storage locker full of stuff he hoards...its just what he does.

    He knows I fix, collect, restore, sell etc units so he gave it to me to fix up and sell....but day-am....I can never sell this. I have too many man cave units now (wait, did i just say that?) but this 850 is gorgeous....

    I wonder if the dining room can use a stereo...


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  2. peerson

    peerson Well-Known Member

    Kansas City area
    Nice Uncle! But...:needpics:
  3. hugo454

    hugo454 Gold Member Subscriber

    south florida
  4. Dave1384

    Dave1384 Stuck in the 70's

    Suburban Philadelphia
    I don't need a pic. I'm looking at my restored one right now. I like it better than my restored 1010.
  5. Mr.White

    Mr.White Super Member

    How similar is this unit to the SX-880? I picked up an 880 a few months ago and it's a killer.
  6. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    workin on the pics, right now the room where it all is located is undergoing renos to break it into 2 rooms as we remodel the new house (point of order, I would have been happy just moving in and painting some walls, some new drapes, but you see, women have this gene that requires any space they inhabit to have some walls disappear and others reappear, so now the main floor is essentially open (walls disappeared) and the huge room in the basement is now a 4th bedroom and kids tv/play room. (walls appeared) and even the integral will become the new mancave as it is uneeded for cars because of the 26x36 garage beside the house - but I digress)

    gimme a week to get the drywall dust gone...

    ps, the 850 predates the 880. I have an 890 as my DD that is an 880 with a black dial face


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  7. Badco67

    Badco67 Active Member

    Pittsburgh Pa.
    Quaddriver, what part of Pa. are you from? You mentioned Giant Eagle, I worked for them in various stores and positions for almost 32 years.
    Retired from there in 2005 and have worked for Bobby Rahal Motorcars since then.
  8. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    well we have chewed the same ground I am sure, I grew up in irwin, then moved all over working for IBM then the man...I have a place by clarion PA but just got another back in irwin - back home after 35 years. so you know the eagle my uncle frequents. heck, if you worked there, you know him!

    I know, I need to change my sig page. the bear, with no one there full time, is getting braver. may have to drop him...
  9. HairySatchel

    HairySatchel New Member

    Every dinning room can use a stereo OR TWO. :thumbsup:
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  10. Awesomeaudio

    Awesomeaudio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sydney, Australia


    The extra buttons are nice.
  11. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    You have to understand, when you have a 'real job; during the day, it means you can only work on the house for perhaps 3 hours a night giuven that you have to get tools out, put tools back, and clean up before the wife smacks you.

    suffice to say, the sanding is done in my 'office' and its primed so I got it out and plugged it in.

    all lights but speakers A work. it works, but hissssssss and cracks abound and of course the volume is scratchy. Im thinking there are some 458-ish type trans in there that went noisy? I have done no investigation yet but will once I whittle down the backlog. the thing is pretty, even with dust on it....

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