Magnavox Turntable 3-prong power wiring - red, black, yellow?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by akmhome, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. akmhome

    akmhome akm

    Just purchased an old Magnavox turntable at an estate sale for a $1 and am trying to get it to run (the seller says it runs but there is a power cord question) for my son who wants to run some 33 and 45s.
    The power cord is a funky 3-prong thing with all the prongs in a line (with the 3rd turned 90deg from the other 2), like it was made to plug into another component or something.
    The speaker cord is much more normal.
    For what its worth the model number is 2K8888 (120v, 0.15a), made in England for Magnavox in Fort Wayne IN.
    The 3 power cord wires are red, black, and yellow.
    The red to the motor and the black and yellow to a capacitor looking like part before the black goes to the motor.
    I need to change the cord to a regular electric outlet plug type but am not sure what color is for what, other than I would guess the red is the hot, the black is the neutral, and the yellow is the ground... and I should use a 3-prong grounding type plug to replace?


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  2. hifi_nut

    hifi_nut Vintage? I´m vintage!

    My guess is you´re absolutely right
  3. akmhome

    akmhome akm

    Thought Id wait until trying the connection b4 getting back.
    It seems the arrangement with the yellow = ground etc may not be right.
    I connected and plugged into a gfi breaker outlet and it tripped the breaker, presumably b4 doing any other damage, hopefully.
    I pulled back some covering at the incoming connections at the turntable and the black wire appears to go to a small component terminal as well as the terminal of the capacitor looking part and out the other side of the component where it is jointly connected with the yellow wire and the other terminal of the 'capacitor' looking like part and then the black wire goes off to the motor.
    A picture of the thing is at
    Any other thoughts?
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  4. oofietoo

    oofietoo New Member

    The third prong is the auto turn off when hooked to a magnavox amp,and i believe its HOT.
  5. akmhome

    akmhome akm

    Thanks much for the reply!
    I also added a picture of the old plug that went to the amp at
    I guess the 'flat' plug must have been the 'auto-turn-off'... it was the black wire and it and the yellow seem to come together right at the 1st power connection.
    Maybe like a 3-way switch?
    So, I could wire the yellow and black together and not use a grounded plug since there is no dedicated ground wire for this old turntable?
  6. SaltWaterJim

    SaltWaterJim New Member

    Vinton, IA
    This is an old post but I would like to say thanks to everyone that posted above. One of these came in the other day and had not seen a power cord like it before. With the information above I was able to test the turntable without taking the bottom cover off to see what wire did what. I found the RCA jacks were to close together to fit on my test receiver and found a quick fix for it. I found out the hard way that this turntable outputs line level voltage. Tape or Aux input took care of that. IMG_0642_LI.jpg IMG_0647.JPG


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  7. Xavier Ihrig

    Xavier Ihrig New Member

    Big Rock, TN
    This may seem a silly question, but would you still have this turntable or know where I could find one? I found the amp that would go with it and I didn't realize that I needed a turntable to use the phono input. Here's a link to a thread where I posted some photos of my amp:
  8. WaynerN

    WaynerN Addicted Member

    Nothing finer then hearing stories of someone trying to fix an electrical, high voltage problem, that hasn't a clue about...........well........
  9. beat_truck

    beat_truck Super Member

    SW PA
    I'm pretty sure none of us were born knowing everything.:rolleyes:

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