Make Pioneer SX Dial Lamp LEDs look Incandescent

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by acdc7369, Nov 9, 2018.

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    Had an incandescent lamp burn out in my SX-1280 recently so I decided to take the plunge and upgrade them to LEDs. The wedge LEDs are size T10 5-SMD. Ideally 8 volts but you can get away with using 12 volt car LEDs, though in my experience these look extremely cold compared to the soft white ones you can find on eBay.

    But even the soft white ones were a little too cold looking for my taste, so I bought some LEE Daylight to Tungsten filters (Amazon). [​IMG]

    I started off by selecting a filter sheet and cutting it into small strips that are approximately 2" x 1/2", and simply inserted them into the plastic light diffuser around each LED:


    Then I cut out 7/8" squares and used some scotch tape to cover the top of the LEDs:

    Put everything back together and boom, LEDs that look incandesent.

    The hardest part is figuring out which filter looks the best to you. After some trial and error, I decided that the Full CTO filter would get the color that I wanted. Your mileage may vary. This is a nice quick Sunday afternoon project.
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  2. clh69

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    Columbus Indiana
    Good Idea. Looks Great.
  3. hertzdonut

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    Nice job, I like your solution!

    - Jeff
  4. rcs16

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    If you read up on white LEDs you will find out that they come in many color temperatures and rendering index's. The actual source is a royal blue chip ~440nm. The light spectrum is accomplished by the selection of phosphors (rare earth elements) for this light spectrum conversion. There is variation in the mfg process so they grade them for the specific spectrum responses.
    For a true incandescent effect you want to choose a LED device with a CRI in the 80-90 range and a color temp in the 2700-3K range. This guarantees a rich warm light spectrum with no extra filtering usually required.
    When you buy those LED modules you have little or no control over what devices they use.
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