Making a pickguard for a MIJ guitar

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by Scifi, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Scifi

    Scifi Super Member

    I'm trying to put together a Univox guitar out of parts I collected and noticed that the outlines from the missing pickguard was visible on the guitar body. I used this to trace out the shape with a Sharpie on a piece of clear plastic which I cut out and will use as a template for making a pickguard from a piece of pickguard material. I have a handheld jig saw and that should work for cutting the pickguard. Its too thick for scissors or metal shears. I posted some pictures here already



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  2. Scifi

    Scifi Super Member

    Here's the pickguard so far after cutting it out with a jig saw and touching it up with a grinding wheel on a drill press and Dremel tool.

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  3. mark warren

    mark warren Music Lover!

    southern USA
    that's a groovy little guitar! that pick guard looks good scifi!
  4. louisjames

    louisjames The "real" Louis James Subscriber

    Univox Hi-Flier! And with the earlier logo too before they went to the "Peter Max" version. Yowser. My first decent guitar after I broke the neck off my Sekova "Tele" while doing Townsend windmills. :) Pretty nice guitars and play well when setup. I couldn't afford a Mosrite so the Flier was the next best thing. The original pups on this were pretty good too but you can swap in most any humbucker with good results. Eastwood reissued this guitar some time back too. Looking forward to seeing the finished version.
  5. Mystic

    Mystic We're all born mad

    Ligne Maginot
    Me too!

    I loved my old Univox "Mosrite" as well as another solid-bodied/double-cutaway that was very similar to The Beast (a Gretsch) that Malcolm Young played @ his prime.

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