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Marantz 1070 vs Yamaha A- S701

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by ZombyWoof, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. ZombyWoof

    ZombyWoof Active Member

    I decided to replace my NAD integrated that I used in my main system with Dahlquist DQ10 speakers. So with admittedly little research I bought a new Yamaha A- S701. I like their loudness control scheme, had plenty of power with a linear power supply and decent headroom. Should be fine, right?
    Nope. Like somebody sucked the life out of my speakers. Sloppy bass and bad midrange sound.
    I tried like heck to like it but couldn't stand the sound. So packed it up and sent it back.
    I went to my stack of amps and decided to use a Marantz 1070 for now. I always liked it with my LargeAdvents and BA 150's so why not. This little guy is barely 40 watts per channel and should have struggled to drive the DQ10s. Admittedly I had to slide the bass control up two clicks but that amp really sounds good ! I have listened to all kinds of music at probably 90db levels and hear no problems! Never clips or compresses!
    Reaffirmed my belief of the quality of these old amps. I might just stick with it for a while. I miss a remote control for volume and mute but it's the sound quality that counts.
    Don't know why it sounds better, don't care.
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