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Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by sbiro, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. sbiro

    sbiro New Member

    Hi,I just got a nice marantz 18 ,and I can only get the strongest stations .
    The antenna is not the problem,works good with others receivers,I pulled out the transistor that sits on the top of the front end and I think is weak.
    The part number is 34-1010,could not find a replacement.
    Thank you


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  2. txturbo

    txturbo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Austin, TX
    Welcome to AK.

    Poor sensitivity can be caused by a few things but generally I have seen problems in the limiter or IF sections. These are the rectangular boxes on the top and bottom of the reciever. It’s also possible that the front end is out of alignment or your muting circuit is not working properly.

    Without FM test gear it’s not easy to ID the precise location of the problem.

    What ever you do do not make adjustments to the tuner section without test gear or explicit reasons to do so. This could make the problem much worse to solve.

    If you look in the back corner of the reciever is the neon bulb turning on and off as you change statuins? Are you getting stationed in stereo when you do tune one in? Does it sound ok?
  3. sbiro

    sbiro New Member

    Thank you very much to take the time to answer.

    When I got this receiver was completely dead I have a friend that knows a lot more than me,he traced the problem to the interlock switch so we cut the switch off and tied the wires, was very happy because the sound of this receiver is better than anything I have.

    He tried the tuner,he has an antenna on his roof and we noticed we get only the strongest stations.

    I pulled the transistor on top of the front end my friend told me that test weak,so he told me to get some 2n 3904 to replace it.Did not get them yet.

    The bulb you mentioned is working ,so the stereo light in the front .The stations sound nice and clean.
    Thank you for helping.

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