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Marantz 2220 capacitor questions

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by EastPoint, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. EastPoint

    EastPoint Factory Code No. 4200 Subscriber

    Milwaukee, WI
    Hi folks. I'm finishing up a Marantz 2220 rebuild and I was wondering if I should replace the glass bead diodes (H713 and H714) on the amp board, and if so, with what?

    Also, I want to replace the 3 main caps. I recently recapped a 2230 and I replaced the main caps with a 10000 uf and a pair of 6800 ufs. Can I do that here? If not, what should I use?


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  2. Leestereo

    Leestereo Super Member

    Ottawa, ON
    AFAIK, those diodes are not particularly failure-prone, so you can leave them as is; if you do want to replace, 1N4148s should work.

    Those replacement values are not likely to be a problem; have used 8200µF/80V (383LX) and 6800µF/63V (GY) in a recent restoration/upgrade project.

    2230 PSa.jpg
    2230 PS bottom restored.jpg
  3. Dingman

    Dingman Do you know where your towel is? Subscriber

    Des Moines, Ia
    Dingit, I have a hard time getting the replacement caps all standing up as straight and parallel to the edges of the board. Nice for the appearance.

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