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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by ebcdic, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Scottsdale, AZ
    Hello. I just finished recapping a 2230. Every board was recapped with the exception of the FM and AM boards as I hear strange things can happen and I do no have the proper equipment outside a Oscilloscope to do an alignment. Problem is the Tuning meter does not seem to work at all when listening to the FM tuner. A couple notes:
    -The meter works fine when on AM. Seems to move accurately when pulling in Stations.
    -The FM tuner pulls in stations beautifully including Stereo separation.
    -The Stereo light works fine
    -The FM tuner sounds great.
    -The Cap across the meter was also replaced.
    -The meter did not respond to FM signals prior to the recap.
    -When tuning FM, the meter does budge. Not even a wobble.
    -Yes I checked and cleaned the antennae switch on the back of the unit.

    Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity or calibrate the meter without a full alignment?

    Every thread I have uncovered seems to recommend an alignment. My tuner sounds great and pulls in stations well though so I am unsure it is required here. Hoping there is a easy solution out there. Thanks.
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  2. quaddriver

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    if the machine pulls in locked stereo FM, it does not need aligned. but the meter drive likely needs worked on...yank up the SCM (its in a lot of places, 2230s are real popular) ask this in marantz, others will chime in and if I get some time I will to
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  3. JJCalvillo

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    Sounds like it's simply a meter problem, and only in FM. Based on that and the fact that your FM/AM tuner is working the way it should, it seems (to a newbie) the fault has to be somewhere on the path to the meter. The new cap across from the meter tests good?
  4. catrafter

    catrafter Marantz Specialist Subscriber

    The 2230 only has one meter and it indicates signal strength. If it works on AM, then the meter it's self is OK.
    Problem areas include;
    Broken wires, J557 to the selector switch, J208 to J554
    Problem on the P550 board, H553 bad. I doubt it's caused by no power(13VDC?) at J553 as FM stereo reception is reported as OK.

    Does FM muting work OK? If so, then the IF signal strength detector circuit (which is actually what drives the meter) is probably OK.

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