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Marantz 2238B: Sound will occasionally stop playing out of one speaker

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Berkbelts, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Berkbelts

    Berkbelts New Member

    So I am totally new to this. My dad recently let me have his vintage Marantz 2238B that had just been sitting unused for maybe 12 years. I decided I'd use it for my TV setup. Currently I have it hooked up to some Polk T15s. I think it did it right when trying to figure out what speakers would work with the Marantz without putting too much strain on either the receiver or the speakers, like I said this whole audio thing is new to me.

    Anyways the speakers sound great, when they both work. They'll be playing fine and then suddenly one speaker will stop playing audio, maybe with the occasional static when there's a high note. Lately its been the right speaker but previously it was the left. I've found it kinda fixes itself while playing something loud (Metal Music). It might actually be droping audio when it's quiet.

    I have the Maratnz hooked up to my TV through an RCA to the aux input on the back. I thought the problem was the aux cable/ input as it seemed to be fine when I switched to radio, but now I'm not sure. I replaced the RCA and the problem returned. I've tried the tape input and that eventually gave the same problem.

    Thanks for any help.


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  2. Richs_Trains

    Richs_Trains AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Tucson, AZ
    Welcome to AK, my uneducated guess is dirty controls, if you are familiar with de-oxit and comfortable opening the unit, a good cleaning of the controls and switches will go a long way to curing your problem. Please do not use anything that is not recommended by the experts on AK to clean or 'lube' your controls as the wrong solvent can cause major harm. There are many, many on this site who know more than me and I am sure you will get their help, but a good cleaning of controls, switches and rca jacks is the first step. If you are not comfortable with de-oxiting your controls, sometimes operating them repeatedly, as well as inserting and removing rca cables, can jar loose some dirt and make a better connection, make sure the unit is unplugged if you attempt either of these fixes. good luck Rich
  3. Steven Tate

    Steven Tate AK Subscriber Subscriber

    N. Richland Hills, TX
    I agree with Rich. There is a good chance it’s dirty controls since it moves from side to side and is intermittent. The most popular product on AK is Caig Deoxit D5 sprayed into every pot and switch while working them over and over (30+ times on each control except input selector (wafer type contacts). I go slowly through the inputs maybe 5-10 times). In the pots only, you can follow with a small shot of Caig Faderlube F5 to lubricate the inside of the pots. The whole process is messy, so expect liquid to drop on your workbench (protect it). Personally, I follow up with a spritz of canned air to blow out excess liquid and hopefully some dirt with it. Then I wait 15-20 minutes to power up to give the solvents time to evaporate. Good luck and welcome to AK!
  4. MBuras

    MBuras Restoration is an Addiction Subscriber

    Urbana, IL

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