Marantz 2250b Power Switch issue

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by callahan1973, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. callahan1973

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    Hey again, everyone! Huge help with my last thread so hopefully this one will solve my issue as well. I have read lots about faulty power switches in some Marantz models like the 2250 but supposedly this was fixed in the 2250b so I'm not sure where my power issue is coming from.

    The power has always been a little finicky - sometimes you have to "hold your mouth right" when pushing it in to get it to turn on and stay on. It will often make the fuse lamps flicker and then shut down, never hearing the "click" from the transformer, with nothing more happening if you keep holding the button in. Sometimes it seems that if you directionally push the button in, usually down and to the left, it has a little more success but that's not reproducible consistently. If it starts to flicker and stays and I hear the transformer click, I'd say about 60% of the time if I keep it held in for 15 seconds or so and slowly let off the pressure it will stay on and the other 40% of the time it powers right back off. If I can get it to turn on and stay, it runs with no problems whatsoever, no sound issues, no power issues, it can stay on all day no sweat.

    Does this sound like the power switch or something electrical in the transformer or somewhere else in the power circuit? Thanks everyone!

    Edit: I should mention that a thorough DeOxit spraying of the power switch appeared to have a beneficial effect at first, with it turning on probably the first six times or so without incident, but after that the problem started to recur and now further DeOxit has not helped.
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  2. Rasputin47

    Rasputin47 Woad Subscriber

    That does sound like a worn switch to me.
    Here is a switch commonly used to replace the originals with:

    You may have to make some modifications to the button to make it fit that switch.
    They do sell a matching button for that switch, although it isn't a great match cosmetically for the receiver, it will do if needed.
  3. jblmar

    jblmar JBL & marantz

    Brooklyn, New York
    Bought my 2250 back in 1975. Power switch issues from the beginning. The 2250B was supposed to resolve the power switch & relay issue.
    When I upgraded to separates, my 3650 also had power switch issues. After about 5 switch replacements with the original Alps switch, I bought the 227 switch along with 2 relays replacing the original switch design. Been working for the past 15 yeas.
  4. wlhd1610

    wlhd1610 Penny and her new friend Subscriber

    upstate new york
    Renew the switch and be happy again!

  5. ZOOM

    ZOOM Well-Known Member

    Bad power switches can never be fixed. They all go bad. This is the first thing to replace on all old, worn out gear (including stuff like wall mounted light switches). It's a very real threat of burning down your home.
  6. John Kwasnik

    John Kwasnik New Member

    Sacramento, CA
    This is re the 2250B:

    Today, I pushed the power switch, and nothing happened. Horrors!

    Disassembling and checking, the power switch on mine has 2 sides, but only 1 was in use. This particular one was flaky on the side in use, but fine on the other, unused side per my multimeter. So desoldering the bad side, and moving the wires to the good side did the trick!

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